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Now Is the Time to Prepare!

For any business wanting to trade across the EU/GB frontier after 1st January 2021 there will undoubtedly be new customs requirements.  There will be additional paperwork, tariffs to deal with, and in some cases, health and/or phytosanitary certificates will be required.

With guidance and procedures constantly shifting in the run-up to Brexit, importers, exporters and hauliers should prepare for the worst-case scenario now.

What You Need To Know About Brexit & Customs

When You Need to Be Ready

With the EU and the UK still in Brexit negotiations, the customs situation is constantly evolving.

The requirements and timelines for paperwork, tariffs, physical checks and prior notice of movement of goods will depend on whether or not a Brexit ‘deal’ is secured and on where you are importing/exporting to and from.

With an expected additional 200 million customs declarations required next year and a shortage of customs agents, it is imperative that importers, exporters and hauliers start planning now.

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Peace of Mind

Using McCulla Ireland as your professional customs service provider means you don’t need to invest time and energy in navigating the complexities of changing customs regulations, leaving you free to focus on your core business operations.

  • Avoid potentially significant costs associated with getting new procedures wrong!
  • Avoid the inconvenience of delays at borders 
  • Avoid dealing with several government agencies with one point of contact at McCulla Ireland

Customs Clearance Across the Irish Sea

When you choose McCulla Ireland as your customs service provider, we can provide an outsourced customs solution for any importer/exporter or haulage company, including:

  • Advice and support regarding customs processes and requirements
  • Preparation of customs clearance documents to comply with both Irish Revenue and HMRC
  • A neutral service to arrange your customs clearance needs, regardless of which freight forwarder you have engaged to arrange the transport from the origin country
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Customs Clearance Across the Irish Sea

Any importer/exporter or haulage company that chooses McCulla Ireland as its outsourced customs service provider will receive;

  • advice and support
  • preparation of customs clearance documents to comply with both Irish Revenue and HMRC
  • Even payment of tariffs on its behalf via our duty deferment accounts.
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Download Incoterms Explained:

Download Incoterms 2020:

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for Brexit?

As well as your own preparations you will need a customs agent. McCulla Ireland has been the trusted partner for moving goods between and within the UK and Ireland for more than 50 years. We can manage Brexit together!

We have created a series of handy “how-to” guides to help you prepare for Brexit.  We recommend you view these first – click here. Once you have each of these steps completed we will be in a position to assist you.

What is an EORI Number?

If you aren’t already registered with customs as an importer or exporter you need to apply for an identification number. This is called an EORI number.

Read more here.

What are Commodity Codes?

Like EORI numbers identify your company, commodity codes identify your products to customs authorities. A commodity code is a 10 digit number.

Commodity codes can also be referred to as:

Tariff headings;

Tariff codes;

Taric codes; or

HS codes

These are all the same thing!

Read more here.

What are Incoterms?

Incoterms describe the commercial arrangement between the buyer and the seller. They provide standardised and agreed reference points between a buyer and a seller in a Sales or Shipping Contract.

Read more here.

What is an Export Health Certificate?

A Health Certificate may be required if your goods contain product of animal origin. This is a physical document – the only part of modern customs procedures that has not yet been digitised.  The document travels with the product and gives assurance of food safety.

Read more here.

What Should a Commercial Invoice Contain Post-Brexit?

Addresses of seller/shipper & buyer/receiver
Credit terms and methodology for payment
Currency of transaction
Date of invoice / transaction
Description of what is being transported
EORI or tax ID numbers
Net weight
Other information required to allow the goods to cross international frontiers e.g. Commodity (Tariff) Codes & supplementary units & country of origin
References numbers & important transaction numbers e.g. part or purchase order numbers
The Incoterms (and freight charges for pre-DAP terms)

Read more here.

Brexit Customs Glossary

There are many, many acronyms relating to Brexit and customs. If you are an importer or exporter this handy guide explains everything you need to know!

Read our extensive glossary of Brexit and Customs terms here.

What is a Customs Agent?

A Customs Agent or Clearing Agent is an accredited company with local Government Authorities who will arrange the passage of freight through the Border and will have an in-depth knowledge of this area.

Find out more about what a customs agent is and why you need one here.

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